Monday, June 29, 2009

New leaf jacket - short sleeve!!!


Since my last post I have been mostly crocheting, because I will be teaching (ha ha!!! yeah! teaching, me!!!!) a class on crocheting next month. So, I've been studying, hoarding books from the library, buying pattern books, surfing the web to find more patterns, and finally deciding what to do.

But all this studying and practicing had to wait when I realized on TUESDAY that the girl I visit had a baby the previous Sunday. I signed up to deliver food for her and her family on Friday, and of course I had to try and knit something for her baby. So, Tuesday, 7:30 pm, I start a leaf jacket. Wednesday and Thursday, I knitted into the night, running out of shows from my TVo, and going to sleep in the wee morning hours, just to wake up and continue knitting.

I finished the project on Friday, around 5:00pm, when I started to heat up and cook her meal I was supposed to be delivering at their door at 6:00 pm. Now, I have to say, if I had knitted the whole arms of the jacket, I would not have finished, so, at 3:00 pm, I decided this was a short sleeved jacket! HA!!!! Taking into account that I am no Miriam Tegels, and that I was knitting with 2.5 needles, I think I should be patted in the back, hugged, deep massaged from the shoulder to the pinky, and treated for carpal tunnel syndrom.

Still, my mom thought that it was plain outrageous that I made short sleeves in this family heirloom pattern... so... here are the pictures... did I get away with it? what do you think?


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