Monday, March 16, 2009


There's two things that I never really WANTED to try to knit: hats and socks.
I still have my doubts about socks... and it's not that I dread the knitting itself, but actually, the thought of knitting something that never will be used (I love very soft very thin socks, and I know I could not achieve that with my knitting).

But these last few days, I started to knit hats. Again, not for me, because I can't stand anything more than a clip or a scruchie on my head, but for my son and husband. It was cold in California, and David (my son) was going to his Klondike Derby, which is in the snow. Temperatures go really low, and I worried he'd get sick, so I wanted to knit him a hat. But one he would really be motivated to wear.

I found a really great idea from Annie Modesitt, in her book "Men who knit and the dogs who love them". Of course I saw it in a Knitty Gritty episode no. 704, and got the instructions from there first, but I'm sure I will buy the book as soon as some money comes into my hands.  It looks very promising!!!

Anyway, here are the results.

Hat not blocked: 

Hat blocked:

I also knitted two other hats. One for Alfredo, and another one for Cynthia Canales, who just shove her head to support a cancer patient. 

These are a very easy patten of a ribbed hat, that I found in LionbrandYarn pattern selection. They are made in simple and inexpensive superwash wook from Lion Brand.

Well, my guys liked them, and I only need to see if Cynthia likes it. I'll post any news!!!

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  1. David's hat is really, really cool. I would have worn one like that when I was younger and thinner! :) The one you made for me is the best one I've had! It's really warm. Thank yew!