Monday, September 29, 2008

Lion Brand SoHo Cables for pooch

I knitted a sweater for Luigi.
I bought the patter from Lion Brand. I should say that the shipment was on time, and I just love buying from Lion Brand. They are very professional.
Well. The picture from the website is beautiful. Here's the link:

Mine is beautiful, but not as perfect as the one in the picture, I should say, although I am pretty proud of my cables. Heck! I'm proud of my whole knitting! I guess it does not look as good because my pooch seems to have very unique measurements, probably because he's still a puppy, so although he is not going to grow much more from now, his body will definitely change. So, I consider this an exercise on the garment, and next, I will be knitting according to Luigi's measurements.

I followed the pattern to the mid size, but I changed a few things, though... I left a hole between the turtle neck and the chest area, so that the name tag is free, and the pooch does not feel it snuggling against his neck, and is more comfortable.

I like the cables too much, so I chose to sew the chest band to the bottom of the body. I put the legs through the holes, as done with a harness. It looks nicer, from my point of view, and since it is quite snug, he can't chew it! (Believe me, he tried when I was trying to measure for the buttons!).

After this picture, I decided to sew the chest band even further into the body, and it definitely looked better! The picture is not good, though... I took it from my cell... I'll post a better one soon, I promise.


First of all, the length: It will be 1 to 1.5 inches shorter. I will add 2 to 4 stitches to the neck, because it is a bit tight. The chest will definitely have to be larger, about 1.5 to 2 inches!! This one is ok, and although the yarn stretches, it does not seem as comfortable being so close to the legs, so I will try to take it further down, not quite to the stomach, but a bit closer to it.
The chest band NEEDS to be wider. I will knit to my comfort, until I think it is enough. AND I will knit it garter stitch, because it rolls on itself now, since it is stockinette.

There was a whole ball of yarn left plus a bit from the first one... so actually, the whole piece was knitted with less than one ball! I can't believe such a nice project with so little yarn. I will use the other one to knit the new one, and then I will post the results.

Meanwhile, I'll show off the collar I made, so that Luigi is all coordinated in his next walk. It is an I-cord, with the first stitches cast on the tag holder. It's cool, because it is very light and soft, so he doesn't scratch his neck as he does with any other kind of collars, and it really comes on and off easily, because it stretches well.

So. off to knitting again! oh, wait... first, the dishes, then the vacuuming (oh, yeah, not that, the vacuum cleaner is dead... so broom, here I come!), prepare the meal... bleaghh... I wish I could just knit.... (sigh*)

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