Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is called a "baby leaf jacket" because of the leaves detail that is on the top of the project . It is knitted from the top, in one piece. The stitches are divided and put into holders, to knit the front parts, the back and the sleeves. The only sewing goes on the sides, to join the front and back of the body and sleeves.
The pattern is a hand down in my family. It's been passed on from my grandma to me, and I sincerely doubt the owner or designer can be tracked down. However, if he/she is out there, I am ready to give credit and express my gratitude, because it's the most beautiful project.

All the pages of the original copy were marked, scratched, dusty and very, very thin from the use. Copies have been made, so you can see the original markings from my ancestors!

The instructions are in Spanish and have two or three mistakes. Every time I start knitting one of these, I promise myself that I will translate and correct on the go... (I just couldn't do it from memory... have to be a hands-on project). Since I have managed to finish quite a few of these little "cardigans" I put it off once and again.

I have one lonely set of pictures for this project. It is not even a good one. I only had my phone camera at hand, so I took it just before I ran to my friend's house to deliver it. She had the most beautiful preemie. He was so small when I saw him, that I imagine he could get lost in it... but it's ok, because it will be ready to fit him on the upcoming fall evenings that can get a bit chilly.

I don't think I will be making a new one soon, but if anyone is interested in this pattern I promise I will dedicate some time to translate and fix it. I would be glad to do it because that would mean that somebody got to find my blog!

If you want to ask for this patter, please leave a comment

Here are the pictures for the BABY JACKET WITH LEAVES DETAIL


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