Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy as a treble crochet...

Well, I kind of went back to my old ways and started to make a lot of projects, gave them away, and then didn't post about them.

In my defense... who has time to post anything during Christmas, with all those presents one has to make? I haven't even finished all the knitting and crocheting that I had planned for Christmas!

I did, however, send a good friend some slippers and a sweater for her beautiful mini schnauzer. I sent my niece a sunflower lapghan that I was finishing just as I was sending it. I made countless pairs of slippers for the family and for Christmas presents.

I don't have pictures of any of that... See? My old ways...

I took pictures of a baby coat I made for Riley, a little girl who is just precious. This was crocheted in super chunky wool, and I added the border in a soft homespun yarn to give it a "Santa" look, right for the holidays!

Before the Santa Sweater, my sister in law, Megan, gave birth this month, and I had already given her a blanket in her baby shower. When we visited her, I took her this small duck hat, because I thought she would look so cute! I hope they send a picture soon!

So... this is a small account for my Christmas crafts... more to come soon... I hope!!! ;)

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